1.   YX-010 Babcock
      YX-020 Victex
      YX-030 IL Sung/Megatex
      YX-040 Monforts
      YX-050 Artos
      YX-060 Amdes
      YX-070 Alea
      YX-080 Santalucla
      YX-090 Krantz
      YX-100 TM48、47
      YX-110 Bruckner
      YX-120 MT501
      YX-130 Suzuki
      YX-140 301
      YX-150 50-303
      YX-160 Wakayama
      YX-170 K44B
      YX-190 Coating Machine
      YX-200 Pin wheels
      YX-210 Textima
      YX-220 Wakayama
      YX-230 Heat stenter
      YX-250 Italy Arioli Ager
      YX-260 Printing doctor
      YX-270 Benniger Vertical
      YX-280 Printing doctor
      YX-290 Hydromag&Viero
      YX-300 Doctor blades
      YX-310 Printing doctor
      YX-320 End ring
      YX-330 Brush wheels
      YX-340 Stenter pins
      YX-350 Stainless steeldoctor
      YX-360 Lubricating oil
      YX-370 Plastic stenter
      YX-370 Printing spares
      YX-380 Selvedge uncurler
      YX-390 Selvedge uncurler
      YX-400 Selvedge uncurler
      YX-410 Selvedge uncurler
      YX-420 Graphite rail
      YX-430 Polyurethane doctor
      YX-440 Machinery Seals
      YX-450 Monforts
    Yixing City Yifeng Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Co., Ltd 
         has been specialized in manufacturing stenter spare parts since 1980.Our products include stenter clips,pin clips,pin holder,chains,pins,link,brush wheel ,graphite rail,end ring,pin board.etc of  Monforts,Babcock,Artos,Famatex,Bruckner,IL Sung,Elitex,EhwhaHiranoMegatexBenningerTextimaKrantzSantaluclaVictexAmdesWakayama stenter machine.We export our products to Egypt,Pakistan,Turkey,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam,Iran.etc

       We have strong technical force,and upper quality which has been ISO9001:2000 Certified in advance.The company become the largest scale and strongest technical power –manufacturing base of stenter spare parts .We have been built a promising relationships,such as Shanghai Dyeing&Printing Machinery Factory ,Huangshi Textile Machinery Factory ,Shaoyang No.2 Textle Machienry Factory,Zhejiang Dyeing&Printing Machinery Co.Ltd,Wuxi Dyeing&Pringting Machinery FactoryKunsan Textile Machinery Factory.

         Our constantly pursue is quality first,reputation and customers first.

         We sincerely and warmly welcome old and new customers to visit!
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